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I learned about ISR in 2008 after watching the Miles video online. I was so impressed that I immediately enrolled my two younger boys Blake & Tyler. While watching my children become skilled in ISR; I knew that I wanted to become an Instructor so that I could teach other children these ISR Self-Rescue™ skills. I drove to Arizona for 6 weeks and I went through a rigorous 60-hour in-water, hands-on training combined with 200 hours of academic training. I am so thankful that I went through this training. My mission is to help as many children as I can by preventing another drowning. I am looking forward to working with you all.

Private Facility-Oak Tree - summer 2014 (home is in Guthrie)

Louise Birdsell
Certified Infant Swim Instructor
Bus: 405.260.1150

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Ready to Begin Lessons or have questions? Email me at for more information. After arrangements are set up, I will email you the secure link to register your child. I look forward to working with you and your little ones!

Financial Assistance:
Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify. ISR’s goal is to prevent drowning and through our ISR Community of Caring, we offer lesson fee scholarships to families in need, to ensure that no child is prevented from enrolling in ISR Lessons due to financial need. Funds are set aside by ISR on an annual basis for families in need to apply for financial assistance to cover a portion of the cost of program participation.

You can help too! Please visit the Infant Swimming Resource SEAL STORE to purchase ISR apparel and merchandise. Portions of the proceeds from sales on the Seal Store will go to our Community of Caring Scholarship Program, which assists under privileged families in providing their children the potentially lifesaving skills learned in ISR lessons. Thank you for your support!

Refresher Classes:
Refresher lessons are extremely important in continuing and maintaining your child's ISR Self-Rescue™ skill development. Children grow and develop rapidly from infants to toddlers and young children. This development process represents improved strength, coordination, and a more finely tuned cognitive ability. In accordance with this growth, children enrolled in ISR return periodically to participate in Refresher Lessons.

Maintenance Lessons:
Upon completion of your child's initial lessons or refresher lessons, maintenance lessons are recommended to maintain your child's skills.